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Creation 2018 

Available in 3 different colors, INNA jacket get in the new collection, keep elegance, comfort and security 

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382,50 €

INNA Jacket is the new creation of Oscar & Gabrielle! With tendency color on a feminine to be safe with elegance. Our Competition Jackets are made out of an exclusive technical textile: Stretchable, Breathable and Water Repellent. The components are joined with a very strong thread that allows the airbag to expand fully. After every swelling, the jacket regains it original form. The compatible Helite Zip'in lining is available on our website. The lining could be adjusted on other jacket. 

  • 2 false pockets + 1 chest pocket with a color contrast
  • Classic cutting on shoulders with an adjusted cutting to maximize the protection.
  • 2 back slits, same color as the front pipping

Guide des tailles
EUROPE 145-160 150-165 155-170 160-175 165-180 160-185 165-190
Tour de poitrine 65-80 75-85 80-90 85-95 90-100 95-110 100-115
Tour de taille 55-70 60-75 70-80 75-80 80-95 85-100 95-115
Tour de hanches 65-85 75-95 80-100 85-105 90-110 95-120 100-130
Longueur de dos 35-50 40-55 45-60 47-65 50-67 55-70 60-75
Cartouche 50CC 60CC 60CC 60CC 60CC 60CC 60CC
  • Black: grey pipping 
  • Navy blue: blue pipping 
  • Denim blue: grey braid 
  • Elastic Lycra ® Fibre to be comfortable and move easier
  • Breathable fabric created on honeycomb for a quick drying
  • Anti UV treatment
  • Light fabric to be very comfortable, minimizing wrinkles
  • Fabric procedure to reduce the impact on the environmental during all live product.

Easy maintenance: hand wash, 30° in washing machine, or dry cleaning depend on needs

Tumble dryer forbidden and do not iron or press

Don’t forget to remove the Airbag